D j i l a p a o

Bignona . Senegal . 2020

Client Jean Yéyé Badji family

Status Completed

The ‘floor adobe house’ is one of Senegal’s remarkable architectures made with poto poto clay. This house was built by the hands of Jean Yéyé Badji and is undoubtedly a masterpiece. The exterior of the house does not portend the treasures that the interior reveals. Each walls, columns and beams are decorated with banko sculptures (similar to cob technique), dried then painted. The wear and tear of time has marked the building, from the foundations to the thatched roof, irreparably weakening the artist’s relief moldings.

Restoration work is being undertaken here in order to safeguard this unique heritage. The project therefore consists of reading between the walls of the house and imagining its history in order to optimize the sustainability of future work.

– Analysis of anamorphosis, observation of pathology (moisture, insects,…) and any constraints that may have undermined the structure of the building.

– Restoration diagnostic taking care to avoid any modification of load and incompatibility of materials.

– General recommendations (technical  implementation, treatments of the foundation, stability of the carriers, leveling, plaster body and finishes).

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