P a p a n g o

Ampefy . Madagascar . 2018

Client Private

Status Ongoing

Papango is part of an ambitious project of three private constructions, a triptych of modern villas leaning against a hill and overlooking the Itasy lake : Mitsiky, Akanin’ny and Papango, aka Ampefy’s Nests.

The villas enjoy in a natural environment which determines each architectural concept, but with the same term : homogeneous use of local materials (enhancement of mud bricks, clay plaster, local wood). We are on a wide sloping area which runs down to the shores of the lake and where the owners have already planted hundreds of trees. We have to imagine them in a few years, mango trees or mantalys, covering all the site. As bird nests, the villas nestle high up. They arise between topographic curves.

Papango consists of two elements :

– a central volume which welcomes the principal day rooms.

– two lateral blocks where the 4 night rooms evolve.

A terrace unfolds on the north facade. The kings of this place are Circus Macrosceles: a typical harrier hovering in the Itasy,Papango’ in Malagasy tongue.

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