Rebecca Pelayo

is an architect, living and practicing on the island of Crete in Greece.

After starting architecture in Paris, she worked in Madagascar, the island where she was born.
Due to its raw earth architecture heritage, the island instilled keen interest for earthen constructive culture.

The fine red laterite powder, the adobe, the soft clay.

The second aesthetic shock took place in Greece, when she practiced in Thessaloniki for a few years. There, in the cradle of western civilization, she was struck by the beauty of the vernacular world.

The fine white lime powder, the curved walls, the stones.

The diversity of local constraints and the instruments to deal with them are diametrically opposed from Madagascar to Greece. And yet, both architectural canons will inspire the architect, in their dialogue with Nature and in the sobriety and economy of means.

Beyond a profession, architecture is the medium she uses to embrace the political act of build and to consider current environmental issues, trying to answer it in the most measured way as possible.
Cultural context, local materials, topography, rain, wind, sunshine are the elements that she constantly integrates into her projects.

She shares her Superadobe knowledge over on-site constructions during which she trains women, men, builders and others passionate who want to build differently.

Today, Rebecca works on private projects, conducts collective work camps in Africa and assists international projects as an expert member within the NGO Experts Solidaires.